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How do you install and configure the agent?

  • Install PIMP! The agent is integrated into PIMP, so you get the best of both worlds in one easy to use package. This is the preferred way to install the miner.farm agent.

    If you are not able to install PIMP, you can still install a base agent. Copy the installer file from https://miner.farm/agentsw/mfInstall-Linux.pl to the target machine using 'curl -O https://miner.farm/agentsw/mfInstall-Linux.pl' (curl may need the '-k' flag if you get a "Problem with the SSL CA cert" error) OR 'wget https://miner.farm/agentsw/mfInstall-Linux.pl' (older versions of wget may require the '--no-check-certificate' flag). Run the installer as root ('sudo ./mfInstall-Linux.pl'). The installer will attempt to install any needed dependencies automatically.

    After the installer completes successfully, configure the agent with the minerfarm agent console by typing 'minerfarm'. Once the API keys are added to the settings, and a miner has been added and is running in the console, the agent will automatically report miner data to miner.farm. That's it! Miner API port assignment is selectable in the agent, and no changes to the miner configurations are needed - the agent will dynamically set the port when it starts the mining process.


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