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Role Playing Game Imperatum Adds Dynamic ‘Bitcoin Mode’ Difficulty

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    Role Playing Game Imperatum Adds Dynamic 'Bitcoin Mode' Difficulty

    Fans of the Role Playing Game (RPG) Imperatum now have the chance to play an all-new level in their favorite Sci-Fi simulator. Imperatum has added a “Crypto Update” to the Volantis City level which brings different difficulty options based on the real-time price of bitcoin.

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    Imperatum Creates Bitcoin Mode a Difficulty Adjustment Tethered to the Value of Bitcoin

    Role Playing Game Imperatum Adds Dynamic 'Bitcoin Mode' Difficulty

    Imperatum is a popular RPG that can be found on the Steam gaming network. Players become agents in the city of Volantis trying to find clues to the ongoing mystery of an evil force consuming the galaxy. The game offers lots of items, weapons, character customization, and “core ARPG ‘trinity’ mechanics.” The new Crypto Update comes with several new features for Imperatum players but ‘Bitcoin Mode’ will make things more or less challenging — depending on the value of bitcoin.

    “‘Bitcoin Mode’ changes the fundamental elements of Imperatum based off of the changes in value to Bitcoin,” explains the latest update.

    For example, if the value of Bitcoin jumps up a fair amount, you’ll see more loot drops with higher chances of rare loot, along with more difficult enemies. On the other hand, if the value of Bitcoin drops substantially, so does the loot and enemies get weaker.

    <figure id="attachment_103077" style="width: 3200px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Role Playing Game Imperatum Adds Dynamic 'Bitcoin Mode' Difficulty

    <figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Imperatum’s Volantis City.</figcaption>


    An Outside of the Box Idea That Fits the Futuristic Theme of the Game

    Imperatum thinks players will like the new crypto-infused mode as it dynamically changes the difficulty of the game’s enemies and other elements. The game’s web page update hub shows an example of the Bitcoin Mode gameplay that can be seamlessly changed in the settings area. The developers of Imperatum believe tethering the difficulty of the game to the value of bitcoin is a unique idea.

    “We decided to add it in as a fun experimental difficulty level,” explains an Imperatum team member.

    We believe it’s an outside of the box idea that fits the theme of the game (Sci-fi, futuristic etc..).

    Over the past few years, more games have been adding cryptocurrency themes and features to their software. One such game called Night Become Butterflies (NBB) allows players to collect items that are tethered to the bitcoin blockchain. Another well-known game for IOS and Android users is Spells of Genesis (SoG) created by a firm called Everdreamsoft SA. Spells of Genesis also uses a native cryptocurrency called Bitcrystals and blockchain-tethered cards for its gameplay.

    What do you think about Imperatum creating a Bitcoin Mode in its gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.

    _Images via Shutterstock, and Imperatum. _

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