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What GPU's are you using/settings/performance?

  • I'm running EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 HYBRID GAMING, 11G, running stock.

    nvidia.ccminer.skein.pcfg ; FLAGS= -- i 21, I'm getting between, 600-670mh/s watts jump around from 180w to 296w
    nvidia.ewbf.zcash.pcfg ; FLAGS= --eexit 1 --fee 0 --templimit 70 --tempunits C --pec, Getting about, 750mh/s +/- 20

    Haven't tried other miners yet. What settings/cards/performance are you guys seeing?

  • I forgot to add my gpu-config.json, tweeked it a little, It's running 770 Sol/s, 240W, 3.20 Sol/W, Temps 44-46c

    "gpu_id": "0",
    "NVCOffset": "+70",
    "NVMOffset": "+300",
    "NVPLimit": "240",
    "fanspeed": "auto",
    "temptarget": "72"

    Core clock: 1923
    Memory clock: 5151

  • Support

    Hello fntastik,

    Please check out following forum post which lists some users OC specs - and why not chat to us and other users using discord app :)


    Best, Louis


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