Anyone use a USB Reboot Watchdog?

  • I'm still trying to get an automated hardware reset for when one of my rigs hangs and is non-responsive. OS and software reboot isn't working. I'm wondering about a hardware solution like this?

  • There are smart plugs that can you can control through your home network. This physically turns the power off and on to the plug giving the system a full cold boot. Just set your BIOS to power on after a power failure and you have a remote reboot solution that is foolproof.

  • My rigs are not on 120, any other solutions besides a residential smart plug

  • @schmelzle If you are running single phase, Sonoff products can handle anything from 90vac t0 240vac. I have several of their POW devices that will pass 3500 watts of non-resistive load (aka not motors) in that range, are connected via WiFi and can have scheduled or unscheduled shutdowns set up through a cloud-enabled phone app and will show power use graphs on said cloud.

    Does that sound like something more to your liking?

  • @james.kuhlman, thank you, I am very new to all of this and any suggestions help


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