What are some good exchanges?

  • hey all you pimps

    got a great question for you all
    We like to have a list here of great exchanges that work :D

    lets start off with these

    Hitbtc.com is a newcomer. Accepts AEON and newer coins.
    Bittrex.com strong solid performer with great interface and track record

    am i missing any fill the list below so we all benefit

  • Staff

    Coinbase - (Pay with Credit Card for 3.99% fee w/ $500 per week limit. Earn one-time $10 in Bitcoin for each new user that purchases $100 or more via your referral).

    CoinMama - (Pay with Credit Card for 5% fee. Earn 15% for life of anybody that signs up via your referral!)

    Local Bitcoins - You can meet up in person and pay for coins to others that already have them or sell your own. You will get a cut of any transaction completed via your affiliate referral.

  • Coinbase also allows ACH bank account type transfers without the 3.99% fee w/ $2,500 per week limit, but that takes a little more work up front to set the account up with your bank. I think it is worth it because no fee and the higher limit. Also, I tend to only use the Coinbase account to get USD $$$ into Bitcoin/altcoin and then I move it to a private wallet. I am a bit skeptical about keeping money in the exchanges because of them being such a high profile target for hackers. I use Bittrex as my primary exchange for moving $$$ to other altcoins because of the shear variety and number of altcoins they support on their exchange. Again I tend not to leave very much value in the Bittrex exchange because of my worry about high profile targets that all of the exchanges tend to be.


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