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How to Write the PiMP OS Image using Windows

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    Do not forget to unmount, eject, close that drive!

    Remember that you want a CLEAN image. That means close the drive out before removing it from the imaging machine. Normally, you would use the OS tools to 'Eject' or ''Unmount' the drive from your operating system. This closes up device, flushes the buffers, and makes sure its all nice and tidy. We have noted a number of folks with license key issues after a fresh image because the drive is dirty on boot. So take the extra step here and make sure you 'Eject' and/or 'Unmount' the imaged drive!

  • I'm not a novice with linux how ever I've tried everything listed here, including fresh formats and etc etc multiple different combos to get a copy working how ever I'm not having very much success... have tried using different storage systems ie ssd , sd, usb , have trying different methods ie dmde, hdd, rufus etc etc. and multiple different variateions. any help ?

  • @jdbgo2shop Hello.
    And what is your issue? Can you make post in Troubleshooting section https://forum.getpimp.org/category/8/troubleshooting with logs, errors, screenshots etc.? This will help to understand the problem and solve it. Thanks.

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    Sometimes, we try to hard :). The process is simple. Just bit for bit copy the image to an ssd. All the methods you are trying above place an image with a boot agent. Think more along the lines of how you would make a raspberry pi bootable sd card, vs burning a live iso to a thumb drive.

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    Here is an alternative method using win32diskimager. This works for disks that are connected via USB and already have a drive letter visible to Windows.

    Run the exe:


    If it sees the drive letter, make sure it is the right one!!!! And then pick the pimp img file that you unzipped and then click Write.


    Anything other than this? It didn't write properly....


  • Can I put it on a thumb drive in windows then boot that on my rig and put it on the ssd in the rig so it boots from there?

  • @doug You can juggle an image as you like. But you need to write it down in one of the recommended ways.

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  • I did exactly as prescribed over here (btw my 16gb wasn't big enough, had to buy 32 gb!) and then I tried to boot my asus b250 mining expert (having enabled compatibility boot in Bios - I know that much!) and it won't boot at all... Why??!
    There are no messages. It just won't boot. The hard drive is visible under UEFI bios and it is recognised as bootable.

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    Some cheap 16GB SSDs are not really 16GB. Like Kingdian is really only 15.8 or so.

    When it doesn't boot at all, there can be so many possible things. We will need more information on how your BIOS is setup etc. Would recommend following some of the many well written guides on setting up the BIOS for PiMP.

    Then post the values for those settings if you are having further issues. Double check all the wiring, etc. Reduce things down to just one GPU to start.

  • Hi . Ok but after charging the source.image with DMDE ! how to start the miner ? watt is the process to start ?

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    Check out the Quickstart Guide

    Quickstart Guide

  • Ok I try this : ssh root@ but I find : ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host . I'm on Linux

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    This type of assistance would be best to get from the Discord Pimp channel Here

    Join the channel and ask your questions. Someone is almost always on that can assist you.

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    Updated original post with video. Thanks again!


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