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Pimp OS RC5 problem ctd (on this forum)

  • Update:
    Now up and running with booting RC2 with 6x1070's being seen by hardware and NVidia driver.
    Loaded Claymore dual 10.0 configuration and then ran pimp ---test 1
    It gave an error after 'Miner Screen Started' that says 'Waiting for verified start . . . . . . Unable to start. I can see all GPUs with gputool (list and status). I did notice the gpu config has only one gpu entry but not sure if this would affect the miner starting up.
    omething simple probably.

  • thanks Richard hope this helps you aswell

    when you start and you can write again please type screen -r and see if the miner is running if there is no screen coming with that command

  • Hi dbct
    Not quite sure I understand what you mean. Sorry for being so dim.
    pimp --test 1 then screen -r or vice versa.
    Can I do something like pimp --debug 1 ? if that helps


  • yes please do and send the pastbin of that here please

  • Ok
    I have just SSH'd in and run pimp --debug 1 and it says no pools specified.
    That would help I suppose!

  • I want to go with Nanopool and I have a coinbase wallet.
    Where to I put all the worker and pool info? must be some config -?
    How lazy is that for not RTFMing!

  • Staff

    Richard, this is not an acceptable response. Go to the top and click Support Forum, then click Getting Started, then click the the guides there to learn how to use PIMP.

  • Hi Melt
    I think you misunderstood my last response.
    I meant how lazy I was for not reading the manual - it's an English self deprecating term of phrase and not meant to suggest the Pimp team were lazy!!
    Self deprecation is best kept people in the UK as it may offend otherwise.
    Sorry for any unintentional offense caused.

  • Anyway, I am looking forward to customising my config file this evening (now I know how to do it) and seeing how my first attempt at a rig will perform under Pimp!

  • well there is a getting started section that holds a nicepiece on that my friend

    command you will encounter is pimp --edit 1 but this is after you added a miner ofcourse

  • Good news in that I have _176MH/s from 6 1070's which run well I have 100 core and 600 memory offsets (I did have 800 memory offset but it was pushing one of the GPUs to 150W max) . So now I can see everything on the miner.farm so what happens now with things appearing as reward from Nanopool to Coinbase (in my case)?
    Does it take 24 hours for example?

    One little problem is that I cannot seem to RDP from my MacBook Pro (it connects but just gives a black screen)?

    PS Now I have found my way around by not being lazy (sorry Melt!) I have to say I think the Pimp Dev team have done a great job!.

  • Staff

    Thank you very much, Richard! Glad that those values are looking good for you at the moment.

    To look at what you are making you can also go to the pool and put your address in to see earning and payout.

    Here is an example of checking at eth.nanopool.org:


    At this time no miners are running there but there is a balance. You have to look at the pool information on their site to find out about payouts. Some pools you have to login and use usernames with like Suprnova, you have to schedule or configure the payouts yourself. Here is an example of the cashout settings screen on Suprnova:


    I hope this answers your questions about where earnings and payouts go. GREAT question!

    As far as the RDP in? I'm not sure, I will have to get some more information on that one. But it should behave the same as a Windows RDP Client. If not, you may have to use SSH. If you would like to try to provide a screenshot that may assist support in getting a better answer.

    Happy mining Richard!!


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