Restarting GPU without reboot whole server

  • sometime come GPU down and mark as DEATH.
    usually its help reboot whole server , but in my case reboot is most dangerous operation when server crash and not rebooting anymore.

    is there any option how I can restart GPU , what will similar to "hard restart" don't want restarting whole PC.

  • a thread dies when you push the gpu too hard. you should adjust your settings so you dont get that far.

    pimp --stop X && sleep 10 && pimp --start X

    replace X with the id of your miner profile. this line will stop the miner, allow 10 seconds wait time and then start it again. you could even put that in a crontab -e which would do this on a timer, lets say every 3 hours or something similar. (

  • If the driver has lost the card, then only reboot.


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