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Upgrading from Raveos to Pimpos, how to install

  • I am trying to convert over from Raveos to Pimp. problem is I don't see instructions for installing onto a rig that doesn't have an OS on it. I have the SSD installed and waiting but no way to install the OS. What am I missing? I read you can't run pimp from a USB stick, does that mean there is no install method from a USB stick as well? If that is the case how do I install the OS, I mean do I need a different operating system on the rig to install Pimp? if so I feel that is a major design flaw and would of changed my mind about purchasing this OS. What's the sense of buying a windows key (I'm still learning Ubuntu), just to be able to install the OS you plan to be running? Please someone help me with this, I was all excited about getting this running this weekend and now I am at a stand still.

  • Hello joefish, welcome to PIMP,. we recommend that you power your mining rig off, disconnect the SSD, and connect it to any other computer that you can use as a host to download the img and write it to the rig's SSD. this is easiest using SATA to USB adapter or external SATA USB enclosure, but you can also power down a windows tower and connect as 2nd SATA drive.

    If those options are not available you could also put Ubuntu Live onto a 32GB USB stick and copy the pimp-2.25.2.img file there and use dd method from bootable live linux USB environment, to write the .img file onto the ssd inside the rig.

  • Thank you for the welcome! I don't have another setup that will allow me to connect my SSD. I forget the port name but it connects directly to the MB Like a chip, not with a cable. I am going to try the Ubuntu live method. I am just learning Ubuntu tho, could you provide the command for using the DD method, a link to the info would be fine. I'm pretty sure I can create the Ubuntu live USB drive and copy the image there. After that I wont know what to do. Thanks for the response and the help!

  • Ok so when I try to copy the image it tells me there isn't enough room on the destination drive. The file is 15Gb and I have 25Gbs free. any ideas on what's happening here?

  • This post is deleted!


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