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Problem with PiMP Key

  • morning, no, I've now been battling with the image on the new release and getting it to boot again.

  • now getting a GNU GRUB screen v2.02 with option to select PIMP, Advanced options for PIMP, EFI/ubuntu/fwupx64.efi, EFI/ubuntu/mmx.efi, or system set up.
    Pimp, just hangs
    Advanced, shows loading ramdisk and hangs
    both EFI options do little and look for information on options
    system setup takes you to bios setup

    really frustrating!

  • Developer

    Hello tescsol,

    Yes getting the hardware and software to sync with each other can be frustrating, I shared this with you as I too today added a new card and spent a few hours getting the hardware and software to play nicely.
    Make sure UEFI is set /enabled and on board gpu is disabled (Select PCIe instead if you have this option for your motherboard). Also, you may need to move riser cards attached to the gpu's and attached to the pcie /pci slots around. Start off with one gpu get it to boot and then the second gpu, etc.

    Also, please if you can chat with us on Discord.
    Hang in there, we've all been through this, and once is resolved, then you can start the fun part of mining :)
    Best, Louis

  • thanks, this is my second rig, I've thinned down to bare mobo and single gpu, was surprised when it booted and wouldn't recognized the pimp ket, all the reloads since have been a bunch of different results.

    Am on Discord but only answer was from badboybob saying reimage yesterday.

  • Developer

    Thank you for the update tecsol. To confirm your using latest version 2.4.2-all image? Also the pimp servers were upgraded a few weeks and thus ip addresses changed, though users today still reporting that they cannot validated keys like you, most frustrating.

    May I ask that you turn off your rig, and change router DNS settings to Googles DNS (, as I also had problems signing into miner.farm (which is used to validate user rig keys) today, and this seem to fix it.
    Please do let me know if fixes it for you.
    Best, Louis

  • Thanks I'll keep that in mind, I need to get the image loaded and readable first, better going back to 2.4.1 or update?

  • Developer

    I'd try 2.4.2-all first, if not can always fallback to 2.4.1-all.
    Best Louis

  • Just set up a machine with Ubuntu, totally new to me, is there anything special in writing the PiMP image using Ubuntu? Special setting? Can you still use HHD?

  • Just purchased PIMP today - stuck on the licensing screen - my key doesn't validate at all. Any help here?

  • My primary issue seemed to be that Cox internet services' DNS is simply terrible. I configured for Google Open DNS on my home router, and and my issues went away. Oddly <scarcasm> other name resolution issues vanished with this change. I knew this in the past, but just got lazy and did not change it with the last router upgrade.

    This happened even after the PiMP system was able to resolve miner.farm on its own after a failure to do so during the boot-up key validation (no key installed). Something overrides the discovered referral and the key verification failed. Over and over.

  • This is described in detail here https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/18/rescue-shell


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