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How to build a PiMP Crate Rig

  • Start with any plastic storage create or dairy/milk crate you can get.



    Get some modern gaming GPUs like these 270Xs. (Check PiMP Product pages for compatibility information, and Hashrates Sheet for expected hashrates)

    0_1506629102293_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-3-300x169.jpg 0_1506629107994_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-4-300x169.jpg 0_1506629115403_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-5-300x169.jpg

    Get a good, efficient, reliable PSU to power them all. Be careful choosing!

    0_1506629142968_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-6-300x169.jpg 0_1506629146189_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-7-300x169.jpg

    Install the PSU in the crate. Some people like to make piece out of whatever, or use Zip ties for the easy way.

    0_1506629205813_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-8-300x169.jpg 0_1506629209536_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-9-300x169.jpg

    Choose a motherboard, CPU, and RAM that will have enough PCI Express slots for your GPUs.


    CPU and RAM is mostly up to you. The more, the merrier of course. CPU can be used for mining as well.


    Install the CPU/RAM in the Motherboard and then install that in the crate. Install the cables for the SSD but don’t connect it just yet. (We need to put PIMP OS on it first.)

    0_1506629408317_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-12-300x169.jpg 0_1506629413535_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-13-300x169.jpg 0_1506629420042_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-14-300x169.jpg 0_1506629424613_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-15-300x169.jpg 0_1506629428459_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-16-300x169.jpg 0_1506629431797_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-17-300x169.jpg 0_1506629435163_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-18-300x169.jpg 0_1506629439289_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-19-300x169.jpg

    Install your GPUs. In this example, she made aluminum brackets to secure everything with a pro look and feel.

    0_1506629496682_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-20-300x169.jpg 0_1506629501429_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-21-300x169.jpg 0_1506629505363_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-22-300x169.jpg 0_1506629511455_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-23-300x169.jpg

    Now go write PIMP to the SSD, Plug it in, Hook up your cables and power it up.

    0_1506629556956_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-24-300x169.jpg 0_1506629561018_lily-pimp-crate-rig-tutorial-25-169x300.jpg

    You’ll be mining in no time..


  • Wow!

    Really cool rig. GG!

  • You will have static issues at some point because there is conductivity in that kind of plastic. Add some insultator of a kind under the mobo to ensure it lasts long.


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