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My first two rigs (NVIDIA/AMD)

  • First rig has 8 NVIDIAs, 7x GTX1070 either Asus or MSI, 1x GTX1060 with Asrock H110 Pro, 8mg RAM and an i5 proc
    alt text

    My second rig is the same everything except GPUs which are 8x RX580, mostly Sapphire Pulse except one MSI RX580 because I blew a Sapphire up with a bad VBIOS flash (oops)
    alt text

  • Staff

    Beautiful work Paz and we have seen all your hard work that you put into it. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Developer

    Congrats Paz - Looks like a pro's too, so neat and tidy :)
    Best Louis

  • Mmm. Sapphires. Love it.

  • Noob question... What do you use in attaching the motherboard to the wood deck? Do you use insulator between mb and wood, or just set it in between your brackets, or...?

    Do I need to be squeamish about underside of mb contacting anything without using an atx grid of screw holes?

  • @sir4taye, I used the plastic motherboard risers that just pop into the mobo holes. the wood bits were glued down and i applied masking tape on the corner to hold them in place. the wood glue is "Gorrilla Glue" which is stronger wood glue than normal and dries really fast. i ran the rig for a few weeks with the mobo just sitting on the wood with no risers, no nothing.

    Yes. you should be careful that the mobo does not contact anything which can conduct electricity. Wood is pretty dead, but I put the risers on to reduce even static charge as much as possible.


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