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Would like a command to blink LEDs or oscillate the fans

  • Im still not really figuring out where my cards are on my Asrock H110. The numbering scheme is not clear in the slightest, or I am just being thick. Irrespective a command line util would be useful to identify the card either by blinking the light, or turning the fan on and off a few times.

    • specify the GPU ID you want to ident
    • specify whether to try blinking a light or spinning the fans from 0-100-0%
    • specify # seconds to do this
    • probably a good idea to warn that miners are running on that GPU and do you want to turn them off first

    For cost purposes, I hope to accomplish putting far more than 10-13 GPUs using PCIe riser splitters and PSU slave relays. At that point identifying the GPU literally be impossible. I feel like this could be a really useful feature and make Pimp very unique, providing a new way to build larger miners.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your feature request! We have added a feature:
    gputool --find 1 to find gpu 1 for example.
    gputool --help for details.


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