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We really need amd gpu undervolt feature

  • Extremely need undervolting in PIMP for amd gpus...

    When this is done? It is the only feature that stops ALL moving from Windows to PIMP...

  • ...you mean the only linux distro on the PLANET that supports undervolting is ethos?

    ..and i was just about to buy PIMP rofl

  • you can try using ohgodatool which is in the linux distro for pimp. i just hope you know what youre doing, its not a windows gui with a fancy curve you can play with.

  • Staff

    We've got undervolting on our to-do list. We first had to make and patch kernels and drivers that support it.

  • I recommend using undervolting in bios mods

  • @melt

    when will AMD undervolting in PiMP be ready for regular user usage?

    I want to be able simply do a 1500 memory strap to each AMD GPU and set everything else in gputool --config on a per GPU card basis.

    All of this messing with the bios on a per card basis is very time consuming as compared to simply changing values in the gpu-config.json file when using sgminer.

  • Any news about undervolting? I am not able to make it work with ohgodatool! Maybe someone can give us the commands to undervolt to -100mv with this tool?

  • agreed, this is really a priority we need

  • Staff

    @gerry-bakker said in We really need amd gpu undervolt feature:

    All of this messing with the bios on a per card basis is very time consuming as compared to simply changing values in the gpu-config.json file when using sgminer.

    We would be overjoyed if miners wrote their software as well as sgminer was written. We completely agree that setting values in a well written miner configuration file is the way to go, but the truth is most mining software is written haphazardly and without any standards. SGMiner is a shining example of what mining software SHOULD be; complete API that reports all necessary mining data, json config file that allows complete configuration of the GPUs, and so on.

    We do the best we can with the very poorly written miners demanded by PIMPs, but there is no substitute for quality. We make the best bandaids we can for the junk that is popular, but they are only bandaids. The cure would be a well written miner like SGMiner that is actively developed and supports current algorithms.

  • Certainly understood , just voicing a really desireable capability that would be invaluable.

  • Staff

    Whoa man... hold on.

    The AMD drivers are the what do not support undervolting. Its not about PiMP, its not about miners, its not about anything but 'VENDOR SUPPORT'.

    When AMD provides the ability, we will be sure to integrate is quickly and efficiently as possible. No-one here has said 'Stop Voicing Opinions!'. We are only saying we are not the ones in control of what a Vendor includes as a feature, function, or even bug. We can only work with and around the limitations everyone in the Linux community has with Vendor supplied closed source binary only drivers.

    As for miners, tools, and application support. We try to provide the best tools, the best support, etc. But sometimes it helps you to read the docs that come with those tools as well. OhGodATool for example clearly explains why Linux undervolting support is so limited. Taking the time to educate oneself is the greatest investment one can make.

    Happy mining folks!

  • point understood! Can AMD gpus are re-flashed in Windows under AMD's utilities or is that just changing driver tuning? Does it have to actually be a bios reflash with ATI or other compatible software?

  • Staff

    You can reflash AMD BIOS using atiflash. We have also provided multiple tools for inspection and modification, such as OhGodATool, atitool, and PolarisBiosEditor. Normally, I would use gputool to experiment and tune, and if I wanted to say move that GPU around to other rigs, I would use the information I learned with gputool to create a new BIOS, starting with the cards BIOS as a source, and reflash the card.

    Putting the lessons learned into a new BIOS, lets me make whats best for a card, into the card, so I do not need to track its cpu-config.json settings. In practice though, I must admit, I have been just jotting down what a card can do and slapping it on a sticker :)


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