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gputool overrides AMD claymore?

  • I'm running both an AMD and NVIDIA in the same rig, but when I run the gputool --config, it overrides the AMD claymore, which is weird because I thought the claymore overrides the gputool when I put the Flags. I just want the gputool to just configure the Nvidia cards. I just updated to the new pimp v2.4.2 today. Any ideas?

  • both send instructions to the GPU. so "override" is only relative to "last instruction sent". if your claymore is running and you run gputool --config, it will override until claymore sends a new instruction. when it comes to fan speed it seems to increment up and down slowly.

    what do you want to achieve? and also make sure your nvidia card is gpu ID 0 and up, and the AMD come after.

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    Hmm, I think that for this task you need to use two different profiles. First claymore for nvidia, second claymore for amd. Thus there will be an orderliness.

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