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vs Ethos? PiMP undervolting support?

  • ethos does not work on 13 gpu systems. I have 4, asus b250 machines that were running flawlessly on windows 10 until the night microsoft released an update for spectre/meltdown that bricked the installs on all of them. This prompted me to look for linux solutions. Installing ubuntu or any linux will never work because undervolting is broken in every linux distro. Ethos's only saving grace is its ease to use AND undervolting support!

    Does PiMP support undervolting for rx570's? And does it crash on bootup on 13gpu systems? kernel panics & IB on ring5....?

  • Staff

    13 gpu working with asus b250 on pimp- requires the P106 mining gpu's for 13+
    6-12 gpu recommended by pro farmers though

  • i have 13 amd gpu working fine in windows.............. u dint answer my questions at all.

  • need undervolting badly too...

  • Staff

    Undervolting is planned as a feature request. I have not heard any crashing although we do have a photo of a 13-RX570 on H110 on the Rig Showcase. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  • good to hear this is viable os in the future, ill keep watch.

  • I did it on pimp using ohgodatool.


    /opt/pimp/ohgodatool/ohgodatool -i 0 --core-state 3 --core-vddc-idx 11
    /opt/pimp/ohgodatool/ohgodatool -i 1 --core-state 4 --core-vddc-idx 11

    First card is Asus, second Gigabyte Aorus.

  • is this the case? this off the git page:

    OhGodATool allows you to edit PowerPlay in the VBIOS, or in the kernel's pp_table. You can edit clock, memory, or voltage tables.

    Please understand that if you use this tool, you do so at your own risk, voiding your warranty on your card. We will not assist you in any way.
    The various branches provide other tools, including:

    OhGodADecode decodes an entire timing 'strap'. A strap is the format of timing values, stored in hexadecimal in AMD's VBIOS.
    OhGodACsumFixer corrects the checksum - this is changed whenever you edit the straps. It does not fix the signing value.
    OhGodAnOffset allows undervolting on Linux, by allowing you to tell the regulator what to do. It is a paid-for tool, 1.5 BTC - if you are interested, please contact us via.

    off another page:
    Neither of the mods with OhGodATool will work for you - OhGodATool is quite simple; it allows you to modify the fields of the PowerPlayInfo table (some of these are editable in PBE & SRBPolaris, but not all.) What it does not do, is guarantee the VBIOS PowerPlayInfo table's settings are honored - at all - and honestly, there's some settings in there that straight up cannot be modifed on all the Polaris (Ellesmere) cards I've found... and I attempt to always buy different models/brands to have a good mix. An example of this is MVDDC - you ain't changing this shit without a hardmod.


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