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  • I am currently mining with GPUs but I just got started and want to check my CPU Temperature. Is there a command to do this?

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  • Install lm-sensors

    Note: PiMP 2.5.1 already includes this package.

    apt-get install lm-sensors

    After installation type the following in terminal:


    Note: this has a lot of options. Selecting the default works for most. For the last question:
    Do you want to add these lines automatically to /etc/modules? (yes/NO) <- type in yes

    Then you will need to run:

    service kmod start
    /etc/init.d/kmod start

    Finally to get your CPU temperature type sensors in your terminal.


    This is the output from mine:

    [/root]:# sensors
    Adapter: ISA adapter
    cpu_fan: 0 RPM

    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Package id 0: +61.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
    Core 0: +47.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
    Core 1: +46.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
    Core 2: +61.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
    Core 3: +47.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)

    Read more here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/15832/how-do-i-get-the-cpu-temperature


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