Rig Crashing Frequently - 1070TI driver issue?

  • My rig (ASUS B250 mining expert + 4x Gigabyte GTX 1070TI + 1200W Rosewill PSU) constantly crashes while running PiMP OS. I have applied all necessary BIOS settings, updated all miners, messed around with all available PCI lane speeds, re-imaged twice, done the hardware dance yet still I cannot get it to run stable for more than about an hour before crashing. This happens on EWBF Miner, Claymore, etc. I know that it is not a hardware error as I'm currently back to running windows w/ the Claymore Z-Cash miner with no issues so far. Power draw is well within the PSU and my home's capability even at the highest loads. Having eliminated all other issues I cannot help but think that it is a driver issue for the 1070TI - has anyone experienced something similar? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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