@bkwgJLb27V4 said in Verthash additional setup in cpuminer-opt: Hi all, I'm new to PiMP and so far I'm pretty happy with the results. My old PC is happily whirring away farming Monero, and everything works great. However, when I tried to give Vertcoin a shot, I noticed that cpuminer-opt says you'll have to get a .dat file to support mining the Verthash algorithm. I know PiMP is supposed to be highly optimized, so I've been trying not to treat it like a normal Ubuntu build. Is there any downside to me just... downloading arbitrary programs and running them (as I'd need to do to build that file)? Is there some kind of threshold I should be concerned about? Similarly, is there anywhere on the OS I should know about that is safe from being overwritten by updates? Then, once I have the file, where are the miners actually located on the OS so I can symlink the data file in? I can always go exploring, but I thought it might be simpler to just ask, especially if there are special folders that should/shouldn't be modified. Thanks! Hi, miner updates are delivered each Miner.farm Monday. Your 4/8 release of cpuminer-opt 3.16.2 was delivered and made available to pimpup the following monday, 4/12. If you use the commands as they are documented in the guides and videos, it works exactly as you see. If you need to add files to, say, /opt/miners/cpuminer-opt to add a .dat file in, you can, but if you then run pimpup to download a new version of the miner, predictably, it overwrites your changes. Likewise with the conf files.... With /opt/confs, if you use pimp --edit (or edit) as recommended, it will unlink your edited pcfg files from the default so your changes persist.