As of BIOS v1010, if you want to run 19 GPU's on the Asus B250 Mining Expert motherboard, 8 of the 19 cards must be nVidia P106-100 cards. There was rumor that Asus claimed that this will be fixed via a BIOS update, however we have not seen one that does this. I was able to run 13 retail MSI GTX 1050's on this board without any problems. Adding the 14th card would prevent the motherboard from posting/booting. Pimp v2.5.1. As I was writing this, I did a quick check on the Asus website and there appears to be a new BIOS update, v1205. The only notes provided for this update is the following: "Intel New ME Update, Improve Stability". I do not believe this is the "fix" everyone was waiting for. Anyway, I have changed up my rigs and can no longer test to see if this update will allow more than 13 retail GPU's.