t is not possible to dual boot PIMP with both OSes from one drive, but it is possible to dual-boot PIMP on a separate drive without changing either OS configuration! Once you have written the PIMP to an SSD (For Windows, or for Mac): Power off your system. Add the PIMP SSD/HDD into your system using SATA signal and power ports in the case, and the Windows SSD/HDD is still in there. Power on the system and when the BIOS shows, hit the key for the BIOS Boot Menu. This is Almost Always F12 on your keyboard. You can choose Windows or PIMP to boot from. You can also change the Boot Order in your BIOS Setup (usually F1, F2, F10 or Delete to enter Setup) and choose whether to boot Windows or PIMP by default (this will let you pick what happens without pressing F12) Enjoy being able to boot your system into “regular Windows mode” or “PiMP Mining mode” !