Hi miners, Here at PIMP we are frequently asked about 'pool auto switching', where your rig is set up to switch to different coins or pools based on profitability. This feature is offered on some pools and other mining tools, but is not supported by PIMP. Why not? We have been mining for a few years now, and we have learned that this is not an effective strategy for miners, pools, or coins. In fact, it can be very damaging to smaller coins, as network hash power either floods in or is reduced to a trickle in wild swings. There is no clear advantage to a miners profitability, as you are not on a pool or coin long enough to find or validate blocks. Pool operators need to have a predictable workload to make the most of the hash power available to them, and auto switchers eliminate that. Ultimately, it is a lot of work for nothing for everyone. We strongly advise against any automatic pool, coin or algo switching based on profitability. It is an extremely poor practice for the entire ecosystem, and provides no real gains to the miner. The best mining practices incorporate stability and long term hash power to a given pool or coin. In fact, the longer you mine a specific coin or stay on the same pool, the better your profits will be. We understand this 'feature' is available in other products, but we dont believe they have done their homework; they simply offer it because people ask for it, and they want to make a buck. Here at PIMP, we strive for whats best for the miners, and the entire ecosystem we work in. Thanks, Lily