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    CryptoCurrency News, Rumors, and Chatter
  • The latest updates, announcements, and changelogs for PiMP and miner.farm!

  • How-to guides and videos. New users welcome thread, installation, setup, commands, and terminology.

  • Remote monitoring and control system: Take your miner management to the next level!

  • How to do the day to day on PiMP: Guides for various miners, and other common questions.

  • Fine tuning, optimizations, and increasing security.

    Overclocking and Power Management
  • How to solve problems with hardware, software, and how to fix mining issues.

    How to Troubleshoot your Rig
  • Builds and installations, photos and guides. Show off your build!

  • Guides How to Mine, Hold, Buy, Sell, and Stake, Overclock For, various coins, algorithms, miners, hardware, and more!

  • Got a question? Ask away!

    Feature Requests
  • Resources and strategies for making coins by referring your friends to PiMP!

  • Notes and Questions for the Weekly Clubhouse Calls

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